Virtual Parent Support

Families deserve help.

It doesn't matter what the specifics are. If you're struggling, you deserve relief. ABA Solutions Virtual Parent Support gives caregivers a direct line to an experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who can provide rapid, actionable guidance.

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Talk to a caring Behavior Analyst

We see missed opportunities every day. A parent who doesn't have insurance. A caregiver who doesn't have access to helpful interventions. We created Virtual Parent Support to give parents a chance to talk to someone without jumping through hoops. Because let's face it — no one has the energy for that.

No Waitlists

No Insurance Required

No Diagnosis Needed

The benefits of Virtual Parenting Support.

Typically, our parents and caregivers come to us because they need help increasing a skill (such as potty training) or decreasing a problem behavior (such as tantruming). But getting support is really about addressing behavior issues in the home that impact the quality of life of everyone in your household. We speak to parents who feel isolated, discouraged, angry, exhausted, and hopeless. We also speak to parents who are more or less doing okay, but are curious about potential interventions and how to parent with more intentionality. If you think you need some help — you're probably in the right place.
How It Works
Fill out an intake form to help us understand how best to assist you.
If our services are right for you, you will receive a link to our virtual scheduler to choose a day and time that works for you.
A qualified, non-judgmental BCBA will video chat with you and provide simple solutions you can use right away.
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What do VPS sessions include?

Initial Consult

  • Virtual meeting with an experienced BCBA to discuss tips and strategies to address behavior and skill goals.
  • Personalized treatment package consisting of step-by-step instructions for reducing the behavior and teaching new skills.
  • Evidence-based strategies means all guidance is backed by research leading to results. 
  • Access to personalized materials needed for developed treatment packages including, visuals, handouts, task analysis and more.
  • Access to ABA 101 Guide breaking down behavior analytic principles and outlining the approach to behavior. 
Follow-Up Consult
  • Virtual follow-up meeting with BCBA to discuss progress and recruit any feedback needed. This includes updating strategies as needed to fit your needs.
  • Updated feedback and treatment package to reflect any changes in strategies with the same step-by-step approach.  
  • Continued Q&A with initial BCBA to elaborate on initial strategies and provide custom solutions for your family.
  • Supplemental strategies and materials with updated visuals and task analysis to facilitate continued progress following initial consult. 

An important note from our team.

Virtual Parent Support is not a replacement for comprehensive, medically necessary ABA services. We'll help you determine what's right for your family, and make recommendations if we believe you'd benefit from ABA therapy.