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About ABA
We will determine precursors of specific problem behaviors, behavior motivations, and learning strengths or weaknesses.
When services begin, the analyst conducts interviews, observations, and skill assessments in order to better understand why behaviors are happening. This is part of the assessment process.
Plan Design
Based on the results of the assessment, the analyst will create a behavior plan. A behavior plan contains methods and techniques for teaching new skills that aim to reduce problematic behaviors and increase skill acquisition.
The analyst then trains all applicable caregivers (family, teachers, etc.) on how to respond to everyday emotional and behavior challenges, and how to teach and reinforce skills developed during therapy sessions.
While the team implements the behavior plan, the analyst provides support, communication, and training to caregivers. The analyst makes data-based decisions about treatment on an ongoing basis.
Therapies are based on observations derived from functional behavior assessments, the unique nature of the environment, and the growth and goals of the client. ABA Solutions applies evidence-based and field-tested behavior analysis methods at each stage of assessment and therapy. We believe that caregiver participation is crucial every step along the way.
about ABA Therapy SESSIONS
ABA therapy is a scientifically proven approach that focuses on understanding and improving behavior. It involves assessing behavior patterns, implementing strategies, and monitoring progress to help individuals develop skills, reduce challenging behaviors, and improve overall quality of life.