Our Services
Our services are rooted in the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis. We observe and assess behavior in the home, school, clinic, and community. We then build a plan of therapy strategies and models that help promote new skills and positive outcomes and encourage them to endure over time. Applied Behavior Analysis can be beneficial for children and adults alike. We have numerous therapy options available to fit your needs.


Provide an assessment of the problem through observation.

We will determine precursors of specific problem behaviors, behavior motivations, and learning strengths or weaknesses.

Plan Design

Determine how environment affects behavior.

When we understand how an environment — whether it is at home, school or in the community — affects behavior, we can make treatment recommendations, if necessary.


Work closely with parents, caregivers and teachers.

We work with you to understand and practice therapy approaches such as modeling and assistance with the learning of new behaviors.


Employ a scientific approach.

When working toward the goal of behavior modification, we set clear definitions, objectives, measurement indicators, and analysis.

Who we serve: